The Aivee Café


Aivee Café, nestled inside the A Institute, brings a brand of unique food service offering a perfect harmony of delectable, gastronomic food inspired by flavors and balanced nutrition. The café aims in providing its guests a healthy eating option without compromising the taste. Aivee Café advocates the power of holistic nourishment from food prepared the right and sumptuous way. Guests can relax in the exquisite and chic casual dining atmosphere of the café.


Designed artfully to satisfy distinguishing and health-conscious palate, the café brings together an extensive menu of comfort food, refreshing and super healthy drinks, delightful desserts but with a healthy twist, and Dr. Food- our prescription-based diet detox program.


The comfort food menu includes classic and signature dishes of soups, salads, pastas, mains, wraps and sandwiches prepared from fresh and organic produce.


Our luscious selection of guilt-free desserts features cakes, tarts, pies and bars whose unique combination of ingredients provide the healthier version of desserts, but still including the ingredients that we love- chocolate, peanut butter, oats, and fruits. These desserts are perfectly complemented with hot or cold coffee and drinks.


The refreshments comprise of farm-to-glass concoctions of the nutritious and fresh ingredients bringing healthy, fun and invigorating drinks, all uniquely curated and artistically designed by Alicia Ann Lip from Singapore, author of Raw Vegan on the Fast Lane and founder of To extend the appreciation of the café’s healthy and power drinks, cold-pressed bottled juices are also offered from the shelf.


Aivee Café houses Dr. Food, its own brand of diet food detox program, both for the A Institute’s in and out-patients. Dr. Food offers calorie-counted and portion-controlled healthy meals based on a diet prescription for a more individualized approach to achieve recovery, wellness, weightloss and workout goals without sacrificing the simple joy of eating delicious food.


Food Intolerance Test


The A Institute, in addition to ImmuPro, offers a local-based food intolerance testing called Food Print which offers an advanced and comprehensive laboratory service that detects the presence of IgG food specific antibodies in a wide range of food that we consume. It utilizes a state-of-the-art immunoassay based on microarray to detect food specific IgG antibodies helping to identify which food items an individual is intolerant to, thus possibly explaining the causes of a variety of symptoms and discomfort an individual may feel. A simple pin-prick blood sample is required and results would be available within ten working days of sample receipt.


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